When you have channel or distribution partners, tracking their marketing metrics is essential to gauge the performance of your ad campaigns. However, getting these partners to share their metrics with you can be challenging. 

We’ve put together a few ideas that may help encourage data sharing or make it easier for your partners to report back.


How to Encourage Your Partners To Share Their Metrics

Prioritize Accurate and Relevant Metrics: Before asking your partners to share their metrics, make sure you have accurate metrics that are relevant to the campaign. This is crucial to monitor campaign performance, so be sure to research and collect reliable metrics that can help determine the campaign’s success.

Engage Your Partners with Clear Communication: Keep your partners in the loop by providing them with clear communication around what metrics you need and why. Make sure they understand how their data will be used, so they can trust that you’re using it to help optimize ad campaigns.

Offer Incentives: Offering incentives such as discounts or rewards for providing marketing metrics can encourage your partners to share their data with you. This can be an effective way to motivate them to get involved in the process and provide the metrics you need.

Use Automation: If you want to make it easier for your partners to share their marketing metrics, look into automating part of the process or using software that will simplify it. Automation can make it much easier for partners to submit the data you need, so they’ll be more likely to do it regularly. An example of automation is using a platform that allows your partners to enter their data into pre-designed fields. 

 Provide Support and Resources: Make sure that your partners have the necessary support and resources to comprehend their data and how it impacts their campaigns. One way to achieve this is by providing training or educational materials on analyzing the data. Also, giving them examples of successful campaigns that have utilized similar metrics can be beneficial in helping them understand the significance of their data. This can not only motivate them to participate in the process but also help them make better decisions using the data they provide.

By following these tips, you should be able to get your partners to share their marketing metrics with you. This will help you gain valuable insights to identify growth areas and allocate resources more effectively.