Are you a travel or tourism organization looking for creative ways to engage with potential customers on Instagram? Reels are an effective way to grab the attention of your intended audience and increase traffic to your destination.


5 Ways to Drive Visitors to Your Destination With Instagram Reels

Here are some Instagram Reel ideas for travel and tourism marketers that can help increase engagement and grow your following. Let’s get started! 

Travel Destination Tours: Get creative with a series of reels taking viewers on a virtual tour of the destination you’re trying to promote. You can showcase famous landmarks, adventure activities, cultural experiences, or the local cuisine.


Traveler Experiences: When visiting a new place, travelers often look to 3rd party recommendations from social media. Showcase the experiences of people who already went to your destination! Ask travelers to submit short clips of their favorite activities and then make a reel with that footage for an inspiring compilation video. This is a great way to show potential visitors what they can look forward to if they visit your destination -all from the customers’ eyes!

Travel Tips: Who isn’t looking for some tips on how to plan a holiday? Travelers are always looking for helpful tips when planning their next escape, so why not use Instagram reels as an opportunity to share advice? You can create a series of short clips about packing must-haves, budget tips, or even travel hacks that make life easier on the road.


Travel Quizzes and Challenges: This is a fun way to engage with viewers through reels! Create multiple-choice questions about the destination or ask viewers to guess which country something is from. Try sharing trivia facts or create entertaining challenges like “spot the difference”, quizzes that test viewers’ knowledge of the destination’s history, culture, attractions, and geography.

Travel Promotion: Get creative with your promotional reels. Feature special offers or discounts that you have available, show off how unique your destination is, or create a “day in the life” video showcasing all of the fun activities people can do while visiting. For example, “Puerto Rico in 15 seconds” and set it to trending audio.


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Instagram reels are an excellent way to get creative and engage with your followers. Travel and tourism marketers can use reels to showcase their destinations, share helpful advice, or even create fun challenges and quizzes. With a bit of creativity, you’ll be able to attract more visitors and grow your following in no time!