Trick or treat! 

With Halloween just around the corner and Christmas a blink of an eye away, it pays to start planning ahead to make sure your holiday campaign runs smoothly.

As we get our costumes ready and warmly welcome a new holiday season, we should also break down some strategies for making the most of the festivities to come.

Brand Paradise is here with some tips on how to plan your holiday marketing strategy on social media. 


Tips To Leverage Your Social Media During Holiday Season


Fill Out Your Profile Completely: Make sure all your profile information is up to date and that you’ve filled out all the relevant details relating to your business. Platforms are constantly updating and rolling out new features you might not be aware of. 

Have Social Media Support Ready: According to studies by SproutSocial, during the holiday season, customers send 18% more messages to brands on social media than average. Someone who can reply on demand is key to not missing out on potential clients or partnerships.

Be Inclusive: Be aware that different cultures celebrate different holidays. So, be inclusive so that you don’t exclude people in your audience. While posting about every celebration is a little overboard, you may not want to assume that Christmas is important to everyone.

Prioritize High-Value Content: Don’t post “just because”. Post content that brings value to your brand and is relevant to your audience. Reducing the number of posts and focusing on driving sales is better.

Make It Easy To Shop: According to 2021 research by Statista, 28% of customers expect to use social media channels to buy products, so make things easier for them. Here are three tips for leveraging your social media strategy for sales this season: 



Share Updates And Reminders: Effectively communicate to your audience important dates, reminders, and updates to keep them informed during the busiest time of the year. This will help you build loyalty between your brand and customers. Also, share countdowns and reminders for specific shopping events such as Small Business Saturday, Black Friday, and similar. 

Thank Your Audience: Last but not least, in the end, your audience is responsible for the success of your brand. Make sure to thank them for supporting you. You can also express your gratitude by doing giveaways and special discounts.

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