If you thought Instagram was all about 280 characters and long text-filled threads, think again. Twitter Business reported some revealing data about video consumption on its platform, indicating that 82% of its users consume video content. In addition, the platform recently updated the media viewer to offer an immersive experience when consuming audiovisual content.

As a matter of fact, a recent study by Animoto says that 64% of consumers make a purchase after watching a branded video on social media. That being said, if your brand already has a presence on Twitter or you are considering starting to build it, you might want to include videos on your timeline. Though we know how much time, effort, and resources takes to make videos, there’s no need to stress about it. Follow this guide to cover all the fundamentals of a Twitter video campaign.

Tips To Maximize Your Video Campaign On Twitter

We all want to succeed in our video marketing campaigns and attract potential customers, grow our sales, and reach new audiences. But how do we do that on Twitter?



Keep Your Videos Short And Simple: According to Twitter studies, 6 to 15 seconds ads are more effective at driving consideration and purchase intent. Yes, it may not seem like a lot of time. But remember that competing for this limited attention is one of the biggest challenges for marketers.


Be Clear With Your Key Message: When having only 15 seconds to show your product or brand, you want to deliver your message as quickly and clearly as possible. Don’t beat around the bush – get to the point! Be spot-on and let your potential customers know what you are all about.


Show Your Product Within The First 3 Seconds: Due to the auto-play feature that’s turned on by default, most users watch a few seconds of a video before clicking the little “x.”  Whether they like it or not, they’ve already been exposed to your product or brand. Therefore, a quick glance of your product in the first seconds is recommended both in ads and in feed videos.


Use Strong Visuals: Twitter recommends including some key visual elements on your videos for them to work and engage audiences:

Prominent Branding: Make your brand’s name and logo visible on a corner within the first four seconds of your video.

Strong Colors: Use dominant colors to catch your audience’s attention.

Include People: A human presence is essential for these videos to improve user retention, whether it is someone acting, talking or showcasing your products. 


Add subtitles: How many times has an unexpected video started playing while you were in a public space? For that and other reasons, much content is consumed on mute these days. That’s what closed captioning is partly for. Adding captions allows you to expand the chances of your video being seen and shared with more people. Not to mention the inclusive aspect towards the hearing-impaired communities.


Write An Engaging Copy: Use short copies that drive conversion, so don’t forget to include Call To Action in the tweet itself to reinforce the message sent through the video. Here’s the truth of the matter: the ideal length of a Twitter copy for videos is 50 characters for a primary and effective message and 160 for more detailed descriptions. 

Twitter can be a massive and excellent aid to reaching new audiences for your brand. Consider these tips and start making successful videos! And if you still need some help, contact our professional creative team at Brand Paradise and start growing your presence in the media.