Tired of generic real estate content? We decided to use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and the data treasure trove of Google Trends to decode what kind of social media content real estate buyers really want to see in 2024.

Here’s how 5 key real estate search trends translate into actionable steps for your social media game:

1. From Dream Mansions to DIY Makeovers: The Rise of Practical Content (48% Increase in “home improvement tips” searches)

People want actionable advice, not just aspirational photos. Showcase your expertise with bite-sized, informative videos on home repairs, staging hacks, and navigating the buying/selling process. Think less #luxurylisting and more #DIYKitchenReno. 2023 was the year of minimalism and white boxes. In 2024, help people imagine what spaces could look like. Tools like HomeDesignAi can help you reimagine any space and create images that you can turn into personalized content.

2. Eco-Conscious Living Takes Root (37% Increase in “sustainable homes” searches)

Highlight the green features of your listings and partner with local sustainability organizations to demonstrate your commitment to the environment. Think #SolarPanelLiving or #GreenCommunityGarden. Every buyer can’t live in an Earthship, but people want to feel like their new home is at least part Earthship.

3. The Hyperlocal Craze (25% Increase in “local amenities” searches)

Focus on the unique charm and offerings of your local market. Share community events, highlight local businesses, and feature testimonials from happy residents who love their neighborhood. Interview local business owners to create bite sized content that focuses on placemaking. Think like your local food or lifestyle blogger and create content that draws people to the neighborhood.

4. The Rise of the Agent Influencer (A 20% increase in searches for personal and relatable real estate agents on social media and a 22% increase in searches for “real estate agent near me”)

Action: Share your local expertise through personal stories, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and authentic interactions with potential clients. Be the go-to resource for local market.! Think #CoffeeBreakWithYourRealtor or #LiveQASessionFromThePark.

5. AR Takes Over: The Immersive Home Tour Revolution (18% Increase in “virtual home tours” searches)

Embrace augmented reality to give potential buyers an immersive experience of your listings. Showcase virtual tours, let them “try on” different furniture styles in the home, and even offer AR neighborhood explorations. Think #StepIntoYourDreamHome or #ARLivingRoomMakeover.

Remember, your social media is your virtual open house. By understanding what people are searching for and tailoring your content accordingly, you can attract qualified leads, build trust, and become the go-to real estate expert in your community. So, ditch the generic posts and start decoding the whispers of Google Trends.