Instagram Stories is an extremely powerful tool for social media marketing for both businesses as well as personal branding.  However, no matter how well-thought your Stories are, the math is basic: you’re probably not going to get more reach or interaction without an increase in views.

So, while we understand how popular Instagram Stories are, how do you get your stories seen by more people and stand out from all the noise?

Struggling to Get Views On Your Stories? 

More than 400 million accounts use Instagram Stories every day. But if it’s so popular, why is it hard to get more views? We may have some answers to that question: 

There Is A Lot Of Competition: According to Statista, In 2019, there were almost 815 million users who accessed Instagram on a monthly basis. In 2023, this figure is projected to reach nearly 1.2 billion users making the number of accounts that post stories higher every day. 

Hashtags And Location Stickers Are Not What They Used To Be: Adding these stickers in your stories no longer serves to position or highlight Stories in the hashtags and locations results within the Instagram search tool. However, here you will find useful information about which Stickers can help you increase the views of your Stories.

Instagram Works In Mysterious Ways: Being shadowbanned by Instagram can be one of the reasons your story isn’t shown to users who usually interact with your account. We’re not sure of how long this restriction will last since it’s not officially confirmed by Instagram. Still, if your content is categorized as “inappropriate for our international community”, your views will notoriously decrease. 

How Do I Increase My Stories’ Views?

When there’s a problem, there’s always a workaround. Luckily, you still have a chance to increase your Stories views. Here are 6 ways to increase your Instagram Stories views:

Upload An Extra Story At The End Of The Day: Adding a story an hour or two before the previous ones expire will give all of them a boost in views. 

Keep Your Close Friends Closer: You may notice that when someone adds you to their close friends’ list, their stories will appear at the front of your feed. This is because Instagram prioritizes content from “close connections.” Adding a thousand users to your close friends’ list won’t make any sense, but using it wisely to get closer to your audience, find ambassadors and show exclusive content will increase your views and engagement. 

Plan Your Stories: Planning your content will give you the chance to have strong visual storytelling, increasing your engagement. 

Share Exclusive Content: Discounts, tutorials, personal stories, or insights you’ve never shared are ways to reach more audiences.

Use Stickers: Add stickers that drive engagement, such as polls, quizzes, emoji sliders, links, or questions in your stories to encourage participation among users. 

Make The Most Of Mentions: Tag those who are related to the content you have just posted. This action can get you reposted and reach a larger audience.

There are many tools at your disposal, but it is essential to use them properly according to your goal. Are you ready to level up your stories and not get lost in social networks? At Brand Paradise, we’ll be your guide!