There has been a recent cultural shift towards minimalism and reducing the amount of “stuff” in our lives. This backlash towards consumerism started with millennials but has caught on and spread across America, particularly post-pandemic, as many of us reevaluate what’s essential. Shows such as Tiny House Nation, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo, and The Home Edit have surged in popularity. Netflix released a documentary about The Minimalists – a best friend duo driving across the country to share the message of minimalism with others. Minimalist design trends have also taken over interior decorating and graphic design.

Minimalism Takes Over The Social Media 

We’re taking the minimalist philosophy and applying it to our social media strategies. Here are a few ways minimalism can help your brand on social media:

Don’t use too many platforms:  Are you posting every piece of content across Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, and YouTube? This is not a very effective strategy because each social network has a unique culture, and content should be tailored to the platform it’s on, but it’s also not allowing you to do anything well. Would you rather have an expertly crafted strategy on one channel where your brand can own that platform? Or a high volume of mediocre content across many platforms that isn’t wowing anybody?

Start with a clean slate: Archive posts if your social media feeds are cluttered with content that doesn’t feel like you anymore. Starting with a blank canvas will allow you to revamp your brand’s aesthetic completely. It’s much easier to toss out your old social media posts than clean out the junk drawer in your kitchen.

Does your content “spark joy”?:  As the guru of organizing, Marie Kondo always says, if something doesn’t spark joy, get rid of it. In social media terms, don’t post just to post. You don’t need to fill a content calendar with posts every day because you feel like you need to hit a magic number or keep up with your competitors. Declutter your content calendar by going through every post and asking yourself if it sparks joy.

Is it useful?: Ask yourself if your content has utility. Does it educate? Does it inspire? Does it entertain? You should be able to answer these questions for every post. If the answer is no, ditch it.

Clean up your followers: Did you ever *gasp* BUY followers back in the day? Or go out and build up a bunch of followers who no longer interact with your brand? Go through and purge inactive and ghost followers. This will boost your engagement rates and help keep the junk out of your inbox.

More Than Just A Trend

The minimalist trend is only going to continue in the years to come. As such, businesses need to start decluttering their social media strategies now. This will help them focus on creating valuable and relevant content for their brand. If you need help getting started, our team at Brand Paradise can assist you. We have a wealth of experience creating successful social media marketing campaigns that add value to our clients.

Do you think minimalism could benefit your business? Give it a try!