D’s Keys Piano Bar

A Harmonious Duo: Brand Paradise and D's Keys Create the Ultimate Live Music Oasis in Boston’s Seaport District

D’s Keys, a singing piano bar in Boston’s Seaport District, faced challenges during the pandemic but survived. To reignite interest and attract customers as restrictions eased, Brand Paradise took charge of its online presence. Through creative campaigns and influencer partnerships, we successfully increased social media engagement, attracted new audiences, and drove foot traffic.

Brand Paradise overcame hurdles such as the ongoing impact of COVID-19, misalignment with the previous social media content, standing out in a competitive market, and engaging new audiences. We focused on organic social media growth, provided regular updates on safety protocols, realigned the brand’s tone, highlighted the personalized experience at the bar, and leveraged local influencers. The results were evident: increased social media engagement, a growing online following, viral videos reaching almost two million views, a sold-out New Year’s Eve, and increased sales at the bar.

This successful collaboration between D’s Keys and Brand Paradise revitalized the bar’s online presence, boosted business growth, and solidified its position in the competitive market. 

ClientD's Keys
SkillsSocial Media