Social Media Design Mistakes That Are Costing Your Business

Design mistakes can be seen as only visual issues that don’t have further consequences, but they do. These mistakes harm your entire branding concept. Effective branding means establishing a consistent aesthetic that defines your business, this includes elements such as profile images, backgrounds, typography, tone, and language. A consistent brand image across all platforms helps create a cohesive perception of your brand by current and potential customers. When it’s executed successfully, branding can be a powerful marketing strategy to help you differentiate your brand from the competition.

Are you making these errors in your social media strategy despite dedicating a lot of energy and resources? 


Social Media Design Mistakes You Should Avoid 

Not using visuals: Use videos as much as possible to draw attention to your content and make it more engaging. Remember that we live in a visual world where first impressions matter. Use visuals to communicate your messages better and make your content stand out.

Not Using Enough White Space: White space is a crucial part of designs. It helps make your posts look balanced and easy to read. The lack of white space will make your designs look like a hot mess, too cluttered and chaotic. Keep it clean and give your elements room to breathe, and don’t forget to leave everything inside the safe spaces that each platform has! 

Using Different Templates For Each Post: If you want your feed to look on point, make sure to keep a consistent theme throughout all your posts. Mixing it up can make it look all over the place. A good idea is to have a few templates ready to go and make minor adjustments depending on the content. You can have different templates for different types of content, like quotes, videos, or images.

Using A Lot Of Text: Just don’t. Nobody has the time to read a novel on their feed. When you post something with too much text, it’s likely to be ignored. Make sure your posts are brief and easy to scan so your followers won’t get overwhelmed. Keep in mind that you have only a few seconds to attract user’s attention, so keep it simple, short, and sweet.

Add Your Logo To Every Single Post: Resist the urge of excessive branding. Instead, use subtle design elements that connect each post to your brand without overpowering it. Avoid using a white or transparent logo over an image, it gives off an unprofessional vibe, and you’ll likely lose followers. Keep it classy, and tie everything back to your brand without being excessive.

Putting Text Over Faces: Human figures are more likely to engage your audience than just text, so avoid placing them in front of faces. Instead, put the message in a part of the image that won’t interfere with people’s instincts.

Using Low-Quality Images: Use high-quality images as much as possible. If you really want to use a pixeled trending image to make a meme or funny content, use it, but try to avoid these in your feed and just make it into stories. Fried-looking images do not look good in your feed. Trust us.