According to research, more than half of Gen Zers spend four or more hours on social media daily, making them strong users of these platforms. It’s not surprising that this generation is changing the social media marketing strategy game.

Gen Z refers to people born after 1997, making them a distinct group from millennials, who have dominated social media in recent years. As times and generations change, so do marketing and social media strategies, and Gen Z has a very particular presence on social media platforms.

Not only are Gen Z users creative and bold, but they are also trendsetters. However, their use of social media and values differ from other generations, often prioritizing authenticity. To effectively market to this generation, it is crucial to comprehend their unique characteristics and preferences.


Nail Your Gen Z Marketing Strategy in 2023

Now that you understand the basics of Gen Z, how can we successfully connect with them and avoid a “boomer” approach in 2023? In this section, we will provide some best practices for Gen Z marketing that are tailored for this generation, but won’t alienate your current audience.

Values Above All: Gen Z is a very loyal generation when it comes to brands and products, valuing transparency and honesty. According to research, 45% of Gen Zers say that a brand “appearing trustworthy and transparent” is a significant factor in their engagement, so creating content that highlights your values and brand story, as well as storytelling about the materials you use for your products, will catch Gen Z’s attention. 

Additionally, Gen Z is interested in three major topics related to values: LGBTQ+ commitment, diversity and inclusion, and social responsibility.

Speak Their Language: This may be a challenging strategy, but the key is not to force it. Using language that Gen Z can understand and relate to is important, but trying too hard can come across as cringe. You can follow Gen Z creators, watch their content, and pay attention to their vocabulary, acronyms, and jokes, or consult with a Gen Z social media manager if you are unsure.

Work with Content Creators: Users aged 15 to 21 are more likely to follow influencers than older people, so working with influencers is a great way to increase engagement. Gen Z wants to buy from brands they trust, and they trust brands that they hear about from people they trust. User-generated content (UGC) is a great way to achieve this.

Show Your Brand’s Personality: Gen Z expects to see a strong personality and voice from brands, unlike millennials, who prioritize minimalism and perfectly curated content. For Gen Z, perfection is not a goal.

Entertain!: Finally, Gen Z and millennials have a common interest in fun content. According to a report by Morning Consult, Gen Z follows brands and influencers that “produce content and information in a very entertaining way” and “provide interesting content in a more personal setting.” Accounts like RyanAir or Duolingo on TikTok are successful in part because they provide entertaining content. Gen Z also has a dark sense of humor, so if they make a joke on your account, consider embracing it and showing that you can laugh at yourself. This can help you gain their respect and views. Remember that you only have 8 seconds to capture a user’s attention, so make them count.

Gen Z is a unique generation with distinct preferences and values when it comes to social media and marketing. To effectively reach and engage with this group, it is important to highlight your brand’s values and transparent practices, use language that Gen Z can relate to, work with influencers and incorporate user-generated content, showcase your brand’s personality, and provide entertaining content. By following these strategies, you can build a strong connection with Gen Z and successfully market to this generation in 2023.