*Sigh* Giving Tuesday, the dream day for all nonprofits. Last year Giving Tuesday raised $2.7 billion, and 35 million people participated. By 2022, forecasts already estimate that donations will exceed $3.2 billion.  

Those numbers are impressive, and we all want donors to invest in our organizations, but with so much competition, how can you make an engaging and unbeatable campaign this November 29th?

10 Incredible Content Marketing Ideas For Giving Tuesday

To help your nonprofit capture some of these valuable fundraising dollars, we have compiled a list of 10 content and digital marketing tips.

Let’s raise some money!

Download the official toolkit: Download the toolkit for ideas on how to use GivingTuesday to create a groundswell of support for your cause. You can get the toolkit here along with tons of great ideas on how to leverage the holiday.

Have A Strong Message: Make sure you have a cohesive message for your Giving Tuesday campaign. That’s the heart of all other communications activities you will do.

Create A Search Campaign: Apply for a Google Grant for nonprofits, which gives your organization up to $10,000 in Google AdWords annually, or create a budget line item for search engine marketing. A Google AdWords campaign can help new donors discover your organization when searching for terms related to Giving Tuesday.

Know Your Audience: Make a deep study of your audience and what channels they are most likely to use, the demographics, and all valuable data to determine what kind of content will resonate with them.

Reward Your Audience: Have a big fundraising event coming up? Offer a discounted ticket price, website listing, or other incentives when supporters purchase on Giving Tuesday.

Update Your Website: Refresh your page, especially for Giving Tuesday. Add “Donate” buttons, photos, or videos of what your organization did with the funds raised in the past year, or what you’re looking forward to doing this year.

Add a “Donate Now” Button On Instagram And Facebook: This simple call to action can increase the chances of people donating. Ensure your account category gets labeled as “Nonprofit” before setting it up.

Send An Automated “Thank You” Email: If your organization uses an email marketing too, set up an automated email workflow to thank people after they have donated.

Entertain Your Donors: Create fun games with tools such as polls or quizzes on Instagram for your public to have fun during Giving Tuesday. You can also run contests for them to win special discounts or unique benefits.

Make Valuable Content: Did you know that 57% of people who watch nonprofit YouTube videos go on and donate? Having that said, for this Giving Tuesday, create valuable content for social media, such as YouTube videos, Instagram Reels, etc., and share with your audience graphics or slideshows on your last year’s numbers to challenge them to help you surpass those statistics.

Brand Paradise can help you accomplish your goals this Giving Tuesday. With an integral and bounded-by-goals campaign, we can make your brand or organization grow in the media and acquire a presence among donors and users. Get in touch with us!