Websites are more than just virtual places for selling or showcasing your products or services. Websites are the hub of your business. It is central to all of the other sales, marketing, and customer service activities that we do.

You may have an amazingly curated Instagram feed or a huge audience on other platforms. But if your website is not optimized for your marketing objectives, you may be missing out on sales. 

Today, we bring you five ways to improve your website to make it more attractive and professional-looking so that your users want to come back again.


5 Ways To Improve Your Website

Update Content Regularly: Many brands only refresh their websites for new releases, or promotions like Black Friday, without editing the website once they are no longer relevant. But even the best ideas have an expiration date. Try to update and refresh content monthly to keep users interested or any sales and promotions up to date.

READ ME: CTAs are a measurable and proven way to guide prospects through the buyer’s journey. When placing CTAs on your website, make sure to feature them prominently while letting users know exactly what you want them to do. Although they might look simple, these buttons have power, so use them wisely. 

Add Images And Videos: It’s all about balance. A website full of text can be overwhelming, and a lot of information ends up being ignored by users, especially considering that the average user reads about 20% of the text on a website. Small businesses need not bulky websites full of text that no one reads but professional-looking and inviting landing pages. Find a balance between text and informative or illustrative images of your product or service.


Update The Design: Although some fashion trends from 2000 are coming back, a website with a 2000’s look and feel will scare off any user. Update your website to today’s design standards to make a good first impression. Remember: sometimes, less is more, and an overdone website can give users a not-so-good experience on your site.


Make It Mobile Responsive: Although it varies by region, 55% of worldwide online visits come from mobile users. If your site is not optimized for different devices, you risk losing more than 50% of your overall traffic. We don’t know about you, but that’s not a risk we’re willing to take.


The Brand Paradise team will help you grow your brand by developing a strong social media presence that will ensure traffic to your well-developed and optimized website.