This year Instagram went all in on Reels, whether we like it or not. Reels received many updates and new features in the last couple of months, including templates and making all videos under 15 minutes long to be shared as reels.

Meta announced during its Q1 2022 earnings call that Reels make up 20% of the time spent on the platform, which is a huge number we should all keep in mind when planning content. 

As content creators, we must always stay up to date with trends and new features, especially since Instagram has been rolling out new features like there’s no tomorrow. To help make things easier, Instagram recently released a How-To Guide to help users create the best Reels. 

Charge up your phone and free some space because we’re about to walk you through a summary of Instagram’s definitive guide to creating Reels that boost engagement.


Tips To Create The Best Reels On Instagram

Ready to learn the secrets of making captivating Reels? 

Make Use Of The Full Mobile Screen: According to an Instagram analysis, vertical ads had a 48% lower cost-per-action than non-vertical ads. This is why you should take advantage of the entire screen to create Reels that are immersive and engages users. 

Don’t Forget Safe Zones: It is not only a matter of design since it can also impact your click-through rate. According to a study by Meta, the click-through rate on ads that violated the Reels UI Safety Zone is 28% lower than ads that did not.

Add Music And Sound, Always: Music and sound clips or effects are powerful strategies to engage users. It helps your audience connect with your content by enhancing the mood of your storytelling. 

Try Visual Effects: According to the August 2022 Instagram’s internal data, 40% of Reels use effects. Get creative and take advantage of the many tools Instagram has to offer to add personality and fun to your content.

Inspire Your Audience: Having fun while learning is one of the best ways to learn, no doubt. Reels are an excellent channel to offer edutainment content to your audience so they can learn about things they are already interested in.

The First Five Seconds Are Everything: Capture your audience’s attention in the first five seconds, paying special attention to the hook phrase and transitions to keep them engaged.

Be Personal: Humanized reels have a 25% higher click-through rate according to Meta’s June 2022 internal data. Try to speak directly to your audience or add a voice-over to bring personality and life to your content. 

Partner With Creators: Together we are stronger. 78% of consumers say creators are influential in helping them discover new brands. Start connecting with other creators and watch your audience grow.

Try these essential ingredients for creating Reels that engage your community on Instagram: 


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