How To Support Hispanic Heritage Month On Social Media

Hispanic Heritage Month has become a time to recognize and celebrate the major achievements and contributions of Hispanics and Latino communities to the history, culture, and economy of the United States. According to the last census, the Hispanic population accounts for 19% of all Americans, reaching 62.1 million in 2020, making up the country’s second-largest racial or ethnic group! 

Starting on September 15, Hispanic Heritage Month is a time for celebrations but also an excellent opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of Hispanic and Latino communities in the U.S. As social media workers, we must consciously celebrate this month and show our support. 

Brand Paradise wants to help you to raise awareness within your audience on this important and special celebration this month and the entire year. Let’s get started! 


About Hispanic Heritage Month

But first, a little bit of history. 

Hispanic Heritage Month starts on September 15 in honor of the anniversaries of Independence Day for Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. This month also recognizes Independence Day for Mexico, Chile, and Belize. 

The term Hispanic refers to Spanish-speaking people, and Latino is related to the people born in Latin America or those whose ancestors were Latino. But, Hispanic Heritage Month encompasses many different communities to support and embrace them. 


Supporting Hispanic Heritage Month On Social Media

Hispanic Heritage Month should be used to educate ourselves and our audiences about the importance of Hispanic and Latino communities. When it comes to Hispanic Heritage Month, you really don’t want to settle for being a “box checker.” The lack of authenticity in dealing with these issues will be noticed by these communities. And trust us, the Hispanic/Latino community is used to forced or inauthentic attempts at inclusion.

It is all about compromise. Here are some tips on supporting HHM on your social media platforms. 

Educate Yourself: First, research Hispanic and Latino history. This will help you understand Hispanic Heritage Month’s objective before creating social media content. 

Share Educational Resources With Your Followers: Educational doesn’t mean boring. Find creative ways to share the results of your research on HHM and its history so your audience understands the purpose and reasons behind the celebration. 

Support Hispanic And Latino Businesses: Share Hispanic or Latino brands with your audience. This support can help you grow your public and theirs. 

Collab With Hispanic And Latino Influencers: Collaborations are a great way to support a cause on social media. You can plan to do a feature on your account with a Hispanic or Latino influencer, plan giveaways, record a podcast episode, and more! If you don’t have the opportunity to connect and make a collab, consider sharing their accounts and mission on your feed or stories to amplify their voices and spread their message. 

Continue To Work After HHM: Hispanic Heritage Month doesn’t have to end on October 15. You can keep supporting the community by planning fundraisers or educational events for your audience and your teamwork while continuing to highlight topics on the matter on social media. 

Now that you have everything to start supporting the cause, it is time to research, plan your content and celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month!