Social networks have a strong presence in our lives. They are—metaphorically—in the palm of our hands. But being connected 24 hours a day is not healthy for anyone. And for content creators, writers, and community managers, it’s a challenge, as their work is inherently related to social media platforms.

Taking care of our mental health and how we feel while overstimulated most of the day by our work environment is essential to avoid burnout and not lose that creative spark.

Fortunately, these platforms have developed tools that we can use to preserve our last bit of sanity.


Tools To Protect Your Mental Health On Social Media Platforms 

The pressure to constantly post and keep up with trends and influencers while educating ourselves on new strategies can cause stress if not managed well. 

To keep it all balanced, here are some tools that can help you be healthier while on the net. 

Social Media Schedulers: Scheduling your content in advance will help you get some free time in the evenings and on weekends, making planning less stressful. If you’re looking for social media schedulers to use, you might consider reading our post on the Best Social Media Schedulers. 

Manage The Time You Spend On Social Networks: Monitor how much time you spend on each social media on an average day. Both Instagram and Facebook allow you to define a time limit that you would like to spend on their platforms. In addition, cell phones allow you to manage a daily “Screen Time” limit.

Also, if a good part of your work involves using social networks, consider doing small detoxes after you finish working or on weekends.

Block Offensive Comments And Hateful Accounts: Social media gives us the power to have an impact on the lives of others, whether in a good way or bad way. If it doesn’t make you feel good, block it. Social media platforms should be a safe space for all users. You can also report accounts that you find hateful, offensive, or illegal. 

Establish Boundaries Between Work And Free Time: If you work from home, the line between your work schedule and your free time is very thin. For example, if you skip lunch or breaks to meet a deadline, set alarms, so you don’t forget. Turn off notifications or don’t check email after your workday is over.

Mute Push Notifications: Having our phones constantly ringing can make us lose our minds. Consider muting push notifications on social media, so your screen isn’t always turned on and ringing. Believe us, this will give you more peace than you think. 

And remember: not everything is about social media. Stay healthy and get some fresh air. Take care of yourself!