Creating the perfect Instagram bio can be tricky. In this small text box, you must reflect your brand personality, promote your business and convince people to follow you.

Your bio on Instagram is your business cover letter. It’s the first impression that users get of your brand. How? Defining our brand values is not easy, but there are some tips you can take into account to make the most out of your Instagram bio. 

What Can You Include In Your Instagram Bio? 

  • A Display name
  • Page category 
  • Your pronouns 
  • A description of no more than 150 characters
  • Only one external link
  • Your contact information 

You’ll have to make the most out of every category to write a compelling Instagram bio. Still, most importantly, you’ll have to decide what to highlight and sometimes what to ignore to keep your account’s visitors’ attention. 


Tips To Optimize Your Instagram Bio

Leveraging your Instagram bio can make a huge difference between a new follower or someone who quickly loses interest in your brand. But with some simple strategies and a bit of creativeness, you can build YOUR perfect bio: 

Express Yourself: As musicians write pitchings when uploading their songs on the platforms to get their listeners’ attention, you can make this too! You have 150 characters to tell your story creatively and honestly. This is key for users to understand what your brand or content is all about. 

Use Keywords On Your Name Field: Did you know that you can get more discoverability if you put keywords on your name field? These keywords can refer to your activities, the products you sell, or your brand’s niche. For example, if you work in the beauty and skincare community, your name field could be (YOUR NAME) + Beauty Tips + Skincare Guru. Creative and effective! This will help your account to be discovered by more users easily. 

Choose Your External Links Correctly: You only have one shot to do this. So, you might consider linking to all your other social media accounts. You can use tools like Linktree to group your links and redirect users to your shop, your TikTok account, a playlist inspired by your brand, and more! 

Call-To-Actions: CTA text or buttons can drive a huge engagement. Remember to write clearly and concisely. You can use specific hashtags and emojis to drive attention to your profile. Also, depending on your page category, you can use the Action Buttons. Those buttons include options like Order Food, Visit Shop, Get Quote, and more.

Contact Details: Last but not least, always include your contact information. Although direct messages are a great communication channel, it is not always enough. Depending on how you handle communication with customers, you can redirect users to your email and phone number.

Unleash all SEO strategies, creativity, and personality in your bio. Don’t be afraid to show your ideas to the world