TikTok has positioned itself as one of the fastest-growing apps in terms of users and popularity. This growth makes TikTok one of the most popular apps chosen by brands and influencers to expand their audience and reach new markets.

Consequently, many brands and content creators are after that blue checkmark. It gives your account not only more credibility but also helps you solidify your public image. And although there was a time when the blue checkmark was reserved only for celebrities or public figures, your brand can now get it too. 

Keep reading to discover why getting verified is important and how you can get verified on TikTok!


The Importance Of Getting Verified On TikTok

Let’s face it, seeing the blue checkmark gives a brand or person more credibility, and can even determine their value as a social media user. In this case, it means that TikTok itself has checked your identity as a public figure or an established brand.

Getting verified can give you more visibility on the app and, of course, credibility among other users. Usually, verified accounts interact with other verified accounts, so if you’re trying to reach an influencer or a brand of your interest, the chances of connecting with other verified accounts exponentially increases. 

Also, having the blue checkmark means that the chances of someone using your name to scam others or impersonating your brand and succeeding become low. 

Tips To Get Verified On TikTok

Luckily, you don’t have to be up to date with TikTok dances to get verified. So, if you want to get your blue checkmark, you might want to take into account these tips!

Establish Your Brand: Be true to yourself and your brand. Post authentic content relevant to your niche. Use related hashtags, create trends, and capitalize on popular sounds. A blue check can give you more discoverability, but the first step to being relevant is to be creative. 

Get Featured In The Media: Yes, this is that good old trick. Being featured in traditional media such as magazines or television helps, but the platform also values your participation on YouTube, podcasts, collaborations, or streamings with other content creators or brands.

Be Verified On Another Social Media Platform: This will give you the backup you need to prove your identity. If you’re asking for the blue check on TikTok and you’re already verified on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, the process becomes easier since it gives your profile authenticity. 

Always Follow The Rules: Unless you’re someone like Kanye West who couldn’t care less about being verified or not (or even using the platform), always follow the community guidelines. If you get suspended or reported, this will raise a red flag for the TikTok moderators and will decrease your chances of getting verified. 

Engage Your Audience: Post regularly and make sure to like and answer their comments. Show them that you care and keep them engaged with your content. This can make a huge difference when requesting verification. 

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