How To Deal With Bad Press

Your online presence in the media can be one of the reasons your brand succeeds, but it can also be the reason for its downfall. In these times when everyone has a voice and is not afraid to use it—whether they are right or not—, bad press has become a nightmare for any brand with a digital presence.

If that’s the case, you must know that panicking it’s never a good option. How we respond to negative press tells the audience and the rest of the world a lot about our company. 

Take a breath and find somewhere comfortable. Today we’ll be discussing bad press and how to manage and avoid it. 

How To Manage Negative Search Results

The truth is that the Internet is permanent. Once you’ve received a bad review, whether it’s on Google Maps or a post from a user on any social network, it will stay and won’t go away because the only channels you can manage are your own. In the case, for example, of a journalist or influencer who is in charge of reviewing products and services, speaking to them to ask them to delete the review can raise more flags among their colleagues.

Of course, you can take legal actions to protect your brand’s reputation, but it is not as simple as it sounds, and in most cases, it will take a long time to reach an agreement between the parties. 


Can You Pay To Avoid Bad Press?

Many reputation management companies are taking advantage of desperate business by promising to remove negative search results from Google. They’ll promise guaranteed results, but no one can change Google results other than Google. Beware of these dishonest agents. 

On the other hand, you’ll find a lot of unethical methods, such as paying journalists or Google employees to change the search results or even attacking a web page to take it down. Still, if a company is caught using these tactics, its reputation can go from bad to worse. 

Maybe “any press is good press” isn’t so true after all. So here are some tips on how to avoid and manage bad press. 


Tips To Avoid Bad Press: 

Be Proactive: Get your company in the press and tell the community about what you do, your achievements, or future projects. The press can help you build a good reputation for your brand that won’t be taken away so easily by bad press. Don’t wait to make the news just because something has gone wrong. 

Do Your Research: Educating ourselves about the issues we want to address, especially if it is one we are unfamiliar with or one that is particularly sensitive to society can save us a lot of headaches in the future.

Respond Calmly and Professionally: Although silence is powerful, when it comes to negative PR on digital platforms, not responding is usually not a very good idea. Answer to comments professionally and without being defensive. Even when faced with mean-spirited comments, never address comments with insults or in an aggressive manner.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Apologizing: If you’ve made a mistake, take responsibility. Pointing fingers at others will only make things worse. To avoid these situations, write an accurate statement and be honest, transparent, and supportive of your client’s feedback. 

Hire Community Managers: The best thing you can do when your brand starts to grow is to hire a good community manager to manage your accounts. They are professionals who will know how to cool things down when things get complicated.

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