5 Instagram Statistics You Should Know

Remember when Instagram was all about seeing what your friends were eating and double-tapping the screen every time you came across pictures of puppies? Okay, it’s still about cute puppies, only now they are dressed as humans and speak via trending audio. Times have changed, but Instagram is one of the most versatile platforms in terms of uses and content.

For brands and businesses, it’s not just about putting content out there and hoping that customers will magically start coming in. It is important to constantly analyze your metrics to understand what is working and what’s not. Depending on your business goals, you may want to measure user traffic, demographic details, the number of downloads, and other data.

How Many Users Does Instagram Have?

One billion Instagram users log on to the platform every month, and more than 500 million use it daily. According to Statista, in June 2018, Instagram reached 1 billion monthly active users. Since then, that number has increased 10-fold.

Fun Fact: Only Facebook and YouTube have more daily active users than Instagram.

Use of Instagram Hashtags

Since the concept of using hashtags to tag and identify topics on social networks was invented in 2007 by the social network Twitter, its use has skyrocketed. Currently, they are considered a crucial element of social networks and marketing campaigns.

Statistics provided by HubSpot indicate that the average Instagram post contains up to 10.7 hashtags. Other studies have shown that it’s not about the more, the better with Instagram hashtags. In fact, engagement decreases for posts with six or more hashtags, so we would recommend using five or fewer.

Fun Fact: The hashtag #love has been used more than two million times. That’s right, people like to spread love on the net, apparently. 

How Much Time Do Users Spend on Instagram?

According to Forbes, Instagram is most popular among Generation Z users, who spend almost 53 minutes per day. We crunched the numbers, and the total would be 297 hours per year among teens alone. 

But why should you care about how much time people spend on Instagram? The more time people spend on the app, the more ads they see and the more opportunities they have to learn about your brand.

Instagram also revealed that the introduction of Instagram stories increased the amount of time people spent on the app every day. They know what they’re doing.

Fun fact that may or may not be fun: Facebook users spend around 58 minutes a day on that platform.

What’s The Best Time To Post?

An analysis by Sprout indicated that the best times to post are Tuesday 11 a.m.-1 p.m. and Monday through Friday 11 a.m. The worst day to post is Sunday. 

It’s funny because one would think that people would use social networks more on Sundays because they have more time. But it seems that checking Instagram is a good distraction from day-to-day responsibilities during the week.

Fun Fact: Time is relative, but posting hours apparently are not.

Instagram Stories Ads Work

There are various ways to promote your products or services on Instagram. But it looks like story ads work at least half the time. 

According to Instagram, 50% of users who see an ad for a product within their interests end up visiting the brand’s website. That’s a great number that can increase if we adjust the parameters in detail before launching our campaign.

You can also add a product tag to your story, which will make it more convenient for users to get information about your product. 

Over the years, Instagram has proven to be a powerful marketing tool for businesses looking to expand both their visibility and reach. These numbers only reflect the immense amount of opportunity present on this platform. It doesn’t look like they are going to slow down any time soon either.