Pinterest has now been around for over 10 years, being the go-to spot for clothing, home, and design ideas.

It’s probably not the first platform you think of when it comes to selling your products or services,  but that doesn’t mean you should count it out. Pinterest has  the potential to directly reach the masses and even streamline the consumer purchasing process 

Why Should You Use Pinterest To Sell?

According to recent studies, Pinterest is growing very fast. Their marketing impact increased by 140% between 2021 and 2022. This means that there is a growing community on this platform that is not being fully exploited by brands, and where your products and services can stand out.

 Pinterest also estimates that 47% of their users view that platform as a place to purchase products. Therefore, business owners can see the value in Pinterest providing a considerable number of potential customers.

How Can  I Sell Using Pinterest?

Define Your Niche:

Establish your niche and content strategies before introducing your brand on Pinterest. Research and monitor the different communities to define where your brand fits. This way, you’ll be sure to start in the right place!

Create A Business Account:

Having a business account is extremely important, as it will give you access to advanced features such as analytics, ads, and a great toolbox for businesses.

These tools will help you keep track of your metrics and come up with possible solutions to improve your strategy

Consolidate Your Brand:

Make sure your profile image, name, bio, and contact information are correct and aligned with your brand.

You can also apply for the Verified Merchant Program to have a blue check on your store name, adding credibility and professionalism to your account.

Work On The Visuals:

This is the essence of Pinterest, a visual search engine. To do this, you must create SEO-friendly titles for your posts and visually stunning identity.

Making sure your account has a consistent aesthetic look will be a solid marketing move.

Create a Catalog:

Before you can start pinning and showing your product to the world, you must first create a catalog. You will need to set up a spreadsheet with key information that Pinterest will use to create the catalog for this process.

This file will contain a list of your products explicitly structured and is processed daily to dynamically create Pins of your products, and Pinterest provides a sample spreadsheet.

Use Rich Pins:

If you have obtained verification of your account, you can generate Rich Pins. To do this, you must first request them from Pinterest to verify if they sync correctly with your site’s metadata. Once you get them, you can create standalone pins ready to be discovered in search.

Time To Have Fun:

After all these steps, it’s time to apply your best marketing ideas that can boost your account.

For example, if a popular figure has used your products or tagged them in their photos, create a tag or pin of your products. Add details like free shipping or product reviews in your feed to gain more sales.

On Pinterest, as with all social networks, it’s all about being creative and having fun, testing, researching, and implementing all the strategies you deem necessary so that your brand’s presence on this platform doesn’t go unnoticed.

Need help with Pinterest? Get in touch! Brand Paradise knows the strategies to enter, stay and shine on this social network.