Storytelling has become one of the “must-have” marketing strategies to sell products on Instagram through contagious and touching stories.

Have you ever bought a product motivated by an ad that you saw on Instagram? We’ve all been there. Writers and novelists initially used this resource to enamor the public with words and imaginary scenarios.

Storytelling is used in advertising to engage consumers, selling them an experience through words, images, videos, or audio.

What is the purpose of using Storytelling?

Storytelling in marketing helps consumers understand why they should care about what you’re trying to sell while helping to humanize your brand.

It is the art of narrating an idea using words and visual resources. This makes it a very powerful tool for creating a solid bond with potential customers.

Why do I have to apply Storytelling in my content?

The human brain retains emotional stories longer and deeper. Thus, this narrative technique will empower the experience and the desire to buy.

In addition, telling good stories through storytelling is important to increase audience retention and generate unique content that sticks in consumers’ memories.

How do I sell on Instagram using Storytelling?

  • Increase story writing
  • Use images, videos, music
  • Creativity and imagination should be your allies
  • Sell experiences, not products
  • Find stories that fit your brand and transform them.

We love to tell purposeful stories, especially to connect with audiences organically. Storytelling opens up a world of possibilities for marketers and allows brands to communicate key messages in a way that needs no explanation.

We can help you get those stories that make your brand shine. Get in touch!