In an effort to compete with video content platforms such as YoutTube and TikTok, Instagram has been putting more weight towards it’s Reels product in the algorithm. The Reels format has become stronger than ever, and it is an excellent way to reach potential customers who don’t yet follow your brand.

Reels have twice as many views as a static post or an IGTV video because users don’t necessarily have to follow you to see that content, which increases its popularity.

How to use Reels in your marketing strategy

For these short videos to be successful we must take into consideration a few starter tips: choose a trendy song, add effects, use subtitles, and be creative. Also, if your first video doesn’t get as many views as you’d hoped, don’t get discouraged. Keep creating content. A client of ours recently shared a video they recorded while reading a newspaper, asking for people’s thoughts on a certain ad campaign. The video unexpectedly went viral and got over 1.8 million views! You just never know what’s going to resonate with your audience, so keep experimenting.

What benefits do I get from including Reels in my marketing strategy?

The benefits can be many but here are a few:

  • Increased traffic to your Instagram account
  • They are easy to use
  • Allows you to connect with your audience
  • Increases engagement with the brand
  • You can share them on different channels

Can I make Reels for any topic in my marketing strategy?

Most of the content done in this format focuses on dancing trends and humor, but that doesn’t mean you can’t adapt them to your brand or business. The content you choose must be of value, and you must consider the target audience so that the topic fits their profile and, of course, the marketing strategy.

Ideas for content:
– Showcasing products
– Sharing educational content
– Solving frequently asked questions
– Sharing your work process

Although many brands are using this trend, if your content is truly unique and provides something different and entertaining, it will definitely help you differentiate yourself from your competition.

How To Plan Your Instagram Reels?

If you want to integrate reels into your content strategy but you don’t have much time, the ideal is to use some tools that help you plan reels. This way you will save time.

On the internet you can find tools like Plann that use an easy and dynamic software to organize your files, design your own reels and save links of content that you like and want to recreate later.

Another option is to plan your own reels. Make a list of topics you want to address, make a content calendar so you know what you want to publish in a month, save examples, effects or images you would like to include, design them with anticipation and set an alarm on the day and time of publication. This way you will only have to publish your reels when it’s time.

Are you willing to incorporate reels into your strategy? Give them a try and go outside the box with this new format, we guarantee it will work. All these tools are there to help you accomplish your goals and make your brand stand out.

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