Are You The Real You? How To Verify Your Instagram Account

Want to own that prized blue checkmark next to your name that appears on celebrity profiles? While certain conditions apply, you can apply for Instagram verification with these simple steps.

This, of course, doesn’t mean you’re going to be famous overnight! The famous blue checkmark was created with the intention of proving that the person behind your account is really you. Having a verified account means that you have proven to Instagram that you are real and that your profile is managed by the identity you declare.

Other social platforms like Tinder offer the same verification system, simpler and AI-controlled, if only it could be that simple with Instagram…

What do you need to verify your Instagram account?

Whether you are a recognized person in your business niche or simply want to give it a shot at featuring the sought-after blue logo next to your name, you should know that Instagram analyzes different factors when choosing which accounts can and cannot be verified.

Authenticity: The profile to be verified must represent a real person, a registered company or an entity.

Unique profile: the account must uniquely represent you or the company you represent.
Number of followers: Although there is no official number from which you will be allowed to verify your account, some have said that a minimum of 100,000 followers is required as a base number. But the truth is that we have seen accounts with around 10,000 followers that have been verified.

Steps to request verification

If you meet all the previously mentioned conditions, follow these steps to request verification of your Instagram account.

From your feed go to the top menu of the three stripes and click on settings.

In the “Account” subsection, you will find the “request verification” option, tap there.

A form will pop up, Instagram will ask you for details such as your real name, the category of your account, etc. In addition, you will have to attach a photo of your ID document.

Once you complete these steps and submit the application, the process of verification of your data by this platform will begin.

How long will it take to be verified?

It depends on many factors. In some cases, the process takes less than 24 hours, and, in other users, it has taken more than 72 hours. The blue tick never arrives for some, and they must learn to go about their lives like everyone else.

The success of getting the verification will depend on many factors, as it is possible that the request will be denied. In this case, we recommend waiting a couple of weeks, improving the factors that you believe were your weakness and reapplying.